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March 28, 2019
The contractors and team this month have started cleaning out the interior of the building. Progress is moving along and updated photos are posted above. We are continuing to pursue financing and are preparing a mailing for all owners. We have inspected and tested the PTAC units currently in the building and have cleaned and stored the ones that have passed all tests. All patio sliding glass doors are within a week or so of being completed. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (321) 320-8830 ext 1053.

January 10, 2019
The Americano Association would like to provide the following update:

The work on the tower exterior, including the windows, sealing and painting, are moving along and projected to be completed by the end of February. Although initial plans and specifications for the design and refurbishment of the unit interiors, common areas, and mechanical systems have been completed, the plans will not be finalized and submitted for required regulatory approvals until financing for the project has been secured. According to the developer, the developer continues to work with several interested and qualified parties on the required financing and expects to make an announcement soon. The Association, through the law firm of Berger Singerman, continues to pursue remaining insurance payments on both hurricane Matthew and Irma, and the Association continues to work with the Small Business Administration to secure a FEMA disaster repair loan. Unfortunately, that process is currently stalled due to the government shutdown.

The Association is planning a Special Meeting of the Owners to be held in February or March for the purpose of ratifying the amendments to the declaration required to complete the project's redevelopment. The proposed document changes will be mailed to all active owners in advance of the meeting, along with the meeting notice with meeting time and location.
Just a reminder from your Association, 2019 maintenance fees are late if not paid by January 15.

September 28, 2018
As of September 28, GC Contractors have started on the concrete repairs on the northside of the building. They have completed the removal of windows on the northside and continue to remove all windows from the southside of the building. US Glass continues to manufacture frames and prepare for the installation of the windows. Electrical sub-contractors continue the project of upgrading the power lines for the new PTAC (in-room air conditioners). The developer retained property, where the offices and sales center are located, began inviting owners to attend presentations on August 4th of what options are available to them if they have not yet paid the special assessments.

June 26, 2018
Megstar Industries is fabricating the 15 anchor davits that will be installed in the concrete roof to support the staging and personal safety devices required for the external window removal and replacement, concrete repair and painting.  They are to be installed beginning the week of June 18.  Once they are installed and the roof re-sealed to meet the warranty specification for the roof membrane and insulation, which is expected to take 3 to 4 days, the swing staging will be installed on the south face (facing the swimming pool) of the building, and an external elevator for supplies, materials and construction debris will be erected on the north (parking lot) side of the building.

Removal of the windows will begin by July 1, with the windows being removed in vertical “stacks”, from floor 9 to floor 1.  When the windows have been removed in a stack, the concrete around the window fenestrations and where the balconies had been enclosed is repaired, the construction (GC General Contactors) team will move to the next adjacent stack of windows.  US Glass has ordered the glass for the building, and the high impact, energy-efficient and turtle-compliant windows are currently being fabricated and will be delivered to the property beginning in early July.  US  Glass will be fabricating the frames on-site to ensure a perfect fit for each opening, and will begin installation as soon as GC has completed the window removal and concrete repair in a stack.  When the windows have been installed in a stack, GC will return to complete any remaining external stucco repairs and to paint and reseal the building exterior, and then a final seal will be applied to the windows.  Three to five stacks will be in process at any time, moving counter-clockwise around the building.  This phase of work is scheduled to take five to seven months to complete, with weather being the biggest variable.  As soon as the windows have been completed in a room, the work will commence within the units to replace the flooring and window treatments, and the rooms repainted.   

May 10, 2018
​​The plan remains to re-open with 5 to 6 occupiable floors, and the noisy interior demolition and construction work completed.  Upgrades to the suites and common areas will continue through 2019.  Final bids are being reviewed for the window and concrete restoration projects. Engineering for the roof-mounted swing staging (scaffolding) is under way.  This week, the engineers and adjusters completed their survey of the interior components to determine a budget for the repair and replacement of the walls, ceilings, floors, doors and building systems.  All furnishings, appliances, fixtures and décor have been inventoried and replacements are being sourced.  The damaged items remain in storage at the resort pending another inspection and release by the insurers. ​​

March 24, 2018
You all should have received a detailed letter outlining the damage caused to the Americano by both hurricanes (Matthew & Irma).
​As of the last Board of Directors meeting, a Special Assessment was passed.
The amounts are as follows: (Please note that these amounts can be split into two payments)
Seabreeze Studio - $955.25
Atlantic One Bedroom - $1,087.14
​Floridian One Bedroom - $1,336.35
Halifax One Bedroom - $1,291.62
​Tomoka Lock-Off - $1,834.63
​These two payments will be due one April 15th and July 15th, 2018. There will be a 30-day grace period on each payment with no interest or late fees charged. The funds raised through this assessment will be used to repair the essentials of the resort.
​There is now an "Owners Only" page that has been added to the website. To obtain the password (if you didn't get it already) please contact us at 321-320-8830. We will be adding Association documents, financial statements, insurance policies, construction bids and plans here.

February 23,2018
Why is it taking so long to reopen the resort?

The resort suffered considerable damage during Hurricane Irma on September 11, 2017.  Water entered the building through damage to the roof and windows, saturating the first, eighth and ninth floors and causing significant water damage throughout the facility.  Though power was out to the facility for the next ten days, crews were already at work removing water, carpeting, and other damaged elements from the rooms and common areas.   It took approximately three months to replace the roof, temporarily seal the windows, remove and catalog contents, and stabilize the building environment.  During that time and since, engineering firms representing (separately) the Association, four of the insurance companies that provide coverage to the Association, the Association’s public adjuster, and some of the contractors providing construction, remediation and repair services to the resort inspected the property, contents, and work being performed.  Repairs to the rest of the building could not begin until the insurance companies acknowledged that they had the data relating to the storm and damage that they required. ​​

January 24, 2018

A binding mediation conference with the insurance company is scheduled for Monday, January 29.  Representatives from the Association's Board, law firms, and past & present management will be advocating for the Association.  Some, all, or none of the disputed claims can be settled at this conference. If there remain any disputed items, the Association has avenues including "appraisal," an insurance term for a form of binding arbitration, litigation, and continued negotiation.

Bids on the storm remediation have been received, and additional bids from multiple vendors or contractors are being sought for interior and exterior repairs, window replacement, and replacement of furnishings, fixtures and appliances.  By early February, the Association will have more complete estimates on the costs required to reopen and then fully restore the facility, as well as a better idea of funds to be received from the insurance companies, owners, and possible lending sources. A comprehensive update is being prepared for distribution to the owners, along with a questionnaire to obtain ideas and suggestions for the future development of the property.

 Last updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Owners still have vacation options for 2018.  This is particularly true of owners who are members of RCI or II, as each of the exchange companies have programs for additional vacations for their members. Though each of the following have additional costs, each provides a vacation option within resort-style inventory at a discount from rates available to the general public.

If you’re an RCI Points owner:  You can rent points from RCI for 3 cents per point.  To do so, call RCI at 1.877.968.7476.

ARC Resorts, the management company, owns some intervals at four other resorts in Florida which it uses for rental and marketing purposes.  ARC will offer available intervals at a discounted rental rate.  Availability is limited, and requests will be accepted by email only.  To inquire, send an email to and include:

Your name and telephone number
The number of people travelling
The dates desired – please provide options; reservations will be for a full week only. 

Resort destinations include Kissimmee, Daytona Beach Shores, Ft. Walton Beach and Palm Beach.  You may request other destinations, and a customer service agent will see if options are available.  Holidays and highly demanded times will have limited availability.

If you are a member of RCI or Interval International, both companies offer great values for Getaway Weeks or other resort rentals.  Use your existing membership to its fullest.  If you wish to join RCI or II, please call (855) 371-7554 or email

Resort Redemption Certificates can be purchased for $100.  These certificates have fees required for travel that start at $299 per week.  Please note, the higher the demanded area the more expensive the redemption cost.  These are the same certificates awarded to owners that paid their 2018 Association fees by December 1, 2017.​

January 2, 2018

The Association received the "Storm Damage Mitigation Protocols" from Advanced Building Forensics, a Florida firm that specializes in evaluating post-hurricane damage.  The protocol was sent to seven qualified general contractors with a request for proposals to complete that work.  Over the next two weeks, similar requests for proposals will be sent to obtain competing bids for the concrete repair work and building exterior refinishing to be conducted during the window-replacement project, as well as for the required repairs to the building interior and replacement of the lobby air conditioning system.

In mid-January or February, a mailing will be sent to all Americano owners with estimates of the costs to reopen the facility.  The cost to the Americano owners will not be know for certain until a settlement is reached with the insurance companies.  The Association's legal counsel continues to work toward obtaining the best possible settlement for the Association and its members.

It is anticipated that the top two floors, and the six condominiums on the ground level, will require complete renovation due to the amount of water which penetrated those spaces during the hurricane.  We expect the final report on remediation scope and protocols this week, and then bids will be sought from qualified local contractors.   The goal remains to open the facility as soon as the windows can be replace and the common areas and some floors cleared for occupancy.  The Association has a applied for a FEMA/SBA loan to help pay for the window replacement.  The balance of repair costs will come from Association reserves, insurance proceeds, and owner assessments.