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As of September 28, GC Contractors have started on the concrete repairs on the northside of the building. They have completed the removal of windows on the northside and continue to remove all windows from the southside of the building. US Glass continues to manufacture frames and prepare for the installation of the windows. Electrical sub-contractors continue the project of upgrading the power lines for the new PTAC (in-room air conditioners). The developer retained property, where the offices and sales center are located, began inviting owners to attend presentations on August 4th of what options are available to them if they have not yet paid the special assessments.

June 26, 2018

Megstar Industries is fabricating the 15 anchor davits that will be installed in the concrete roof to support the staging and personal safety devices required for the external window removal and replacement, concrete repair and painting.  They are to be installed beginning the week of June 18.  Once they are installed and the roof re-sealed to meet the warranty specification for the roof membrane and insulation, which is expected to take 3 to 4 days, the swing staging will be installed on the south face (facing the swimming pool) of the building, and an external elevator for supplies, materials and construction debris will be erected on the north (parking lot) side of the building.

Removal of the windows will begin by July 1, with the windows being removed in vertical “stacks”, from floor 9 to floor 1.  When the windows have been removed in a stack, the concrete around the window fenestrations and where the balconies had been enclosed is repaired, the construction (GC General Contactors) team will move to the next adjacent stack of windows.  US Glass has ordered the glass for the building, and the high impact, energy-efficient and turtle-compliant windows are currently being fabricated and will be delivered to the property beginning in early July.  US  Glass will be fabricating the frames on-site to ensure a perfect fit for each opening, and will begin installation as soon as GC has completed the window removal and concrete repair in a stack.  When the windows have been installed in a stack, GC will return to complete any remaining external stucco repairs and to paint and reseal the building exterior, and then a final seal will be applied to the windows.  Three to five stacks will be in process at any time, moving counter-clockwise around the building.  This phase of work is scheduled to take five to seven months to complete, with weather being the biggest variable.  As soon as the windows have been completed in a room, the work will commence within the units to replace the flooring and window treatments, and the rooms repainted.   


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Check out the new drone footage of the work in progress at the Americano!

WELCOME to the Americano Beach Resort Hurricane Irma Update Center.  The Association will post updates and information here as they become available.  It remains the goal of the Americano Beach Resort Lodge Condominium Association to reopen the resort as soon as it is safe and prudent to do so.

Newly Updated! Northside windows

Installing window frames on East side of building